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    A Great Resource for How to Encode, Host, and Stream Audio and Video Clips Online

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    Simplified Live Streaming
    Put your video clips on the Web, from encoding to serving.
    Simplify your life with 24/7 personalized phone support and an incredibly user-friendly account management system. Broadcast Live with Streaming Services that offer add on services like Pay Per View, Simulated Live, Link Protection, and Presentation Technology. See a Demo

    Transcoding Technology
    Have video or audio files that you need in a different format? You can quickly and easily transcode them into Windows Media, Flash, Realplayer or Quicktime files — simultaneously. And it’s all done online, right through your account.

    Presentation Creator
    Deliver PowerPoint and other multimedia presentations on the Web for training, elearning, demos and more.
    Perfect for corporate meetings, employee training, new product introductions, and many other applications, our Presentation service allows you to present to any number of people, anywhere. No need to travel to multiple locations when you can deliver your presentation as if you are “in the room.”

    Streaming Audio Primer
    This five-part article takes you through the process of adding audio sound bites to your Web site — great for the novice.
    These pages describes the procedures that enables you, a web page designer, to either record or copy audio files from cassettes or CDs and place them on your web page, available for downloading and streaming.

    Web Development Guide
    This is a guide to the use of audio files in your web pages. It explains the most common file types and their uses, it explains how to code audio links in your pages, it lists major sources of audio files and clips, and it gives you brief copyright guidance as to what you can and should do with audio files.

    Audio/Video Quote
    “We’ll look back in 10 years and see the current state of the Web in the same way we study the development of Cro Magnon man: a primitive but necessary step in the evolution of communications.” — Rob Banyan, Systems Analyst Consultant