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    Contained here is Deliver Your Media’s collection of articles covering every facet of audio and video online. We’ll be adding to this section regularly, so check back often!

    Choosing a Video Format
    Not sure which format to use to encode and deliver your videos? Here’s some information for beginners.

    Low-Res Video
    Not everyone has broadband! In fact, it’s still in the minority. For those with 56K or even 28.8K modems and older (slower) computers, here is an older article that still has merit.

    Web Video: An Overview
    For a general “how to” explanation, check this article.

    Web Video FAQs
    Answers to a range of common questions, from where to host your video to what format you should use.

    More Than Just Music Videos
    Although MTV-style clips get all the press, there are a host of other reasons to use audio and video on your site.

    Streaming Audio Primer
    This five-part article provides an in-depth explanation of how to record, encode and deliver audio on your site.

    RealAudio FAQs
    Commonly asked questions about what is arguably the most popular (and prevalent) audio format on the Web today.

    Web Developers Guide to Audio
    Everything you, as a Webmaster, need to know about putting audio on your site — including the all-too-often overlooked copyright considerations!

    Audio Files for the Macintosh
    Working with the Macintosh format: What you need to know.


    Inexpensive Broadcasting Online
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